Indian Journal of Population and Development



  • To serve as a platform for discussion and debate on development related issues as they affect population including economic development, rural development, human development, agriculture, irrigation and forests, education and employment, health, family welfare and nutrition, environment, information technology, biotechnology, etc.

  • To provide consultancy services in different aspects of development in the context of the welfare of the people.

  • To organise teaching, training and other human sources development activities in the field of population and development.

  • To conduct and to provide technical support to population and development related research, especially research in population and development interrelationships.

  • To organise Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc. to disseminate population and development related research findings.

  • To networking with organisations in the field of development research in India and abroad.

  • To organise activities furthering the goals and objectives of the Foundation.

  • To publish such journals, proceedings, books, newsletters, or bulletins as may be found desirable for furthering the objectives of the Foundation.

  • To secure and manage funds, donations, gifts and endowments in cash or kind for promoting the subject.

Registered as a Public Trust with the Registrar, Public Trusts, Capital Project, TT Nagar Circle, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh No. 10/B-113/2008-09 dated 9 December 2010.