IJPD Volume 2(1) January 2022

Online first

  1. Child Vulnerability Across Life Cycle in District Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh, India
    Aalok R Chaurasia

  2. The Right to Matter
    Carter Dillard, Kirsten Stade, Timothy D Ray

  3. Advances in Reproductive Health Indicators in India, 1993-2021
    John A Ross

  4. Healthy Aging and Wellbeing of Older Adults in a Northern City of Canada
    Parveen Nangia, Kelly Gingrich

  5. Fertility and Family Planning in India: 1992-2021: Evidence from National Family Health Survey
    Aalok R Chaurasia, Brijesh P Singh

  6. Violence against Women during Pregnancy in India: A Literature Review
    Suresh Jungari, Ashish Pardhi, Priyanka Bomble